Jong Metropole tours with 'Reunion'

24 maart 2021

Bring the best students from the jazz and classical departments of the Dutch conservatoires together in an orchestra, add the versatile Jochen Neuffer as conductor and invite saxophonist Kika Sprangers as a soloist and you can expect a series of eclectic summer concerts that will spoil your ears. Especially for this setting, the young composer/arranger Damiano Pascarelli wrote a new work entitled 'Reunion', which will be premiered during the tour. The title not only represents the desire to be together again as an orchestra, but also fits particularly well with the fact that both the soloist and the composer meet again after six years in their beloved orchestra: Sprangers led the saxophone at the first edition of Jong Metropole in 2015 and Pascarelli arranged a piece for the same edition. Read more about Reunion, scheduled for August 2-11, 2021, elsewhere on this website.

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