Jong Metropole membership

After a successful audition and after participation in the first available project, candidates will become an official member of Jong Metropole (JM). Members are a member for one year and participate in both the Summer Tour and the Autumn Tour. Members whose membership has expired can apply and audition for a new membership. Musicians can remain members of the orchestra until they reach the age of 27 (on the start date of the project). Members who graduate and / or discontinue their studies at a Dutch conservatoire or Dutch members of Jong Metropole who complete or terminate studies at any conservatoire are allowed to participate in one more project after completing or discontinuing their studies.

Participation in projects

Once you are a member of Jong Metropole, you can, in principle, participate in all projects without further auditions during one year. Former JM members may, also after termination of their membership, be invited in case of vacancies or for special projects.

Jong Metropole members accept the rules and regulations for auditions and membership upon application. Please read these Audition and participation regulations carefully before signing up for Jong Metropole.

Jong Metropole at the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival 2019 (photo Ronald Knapp)

Membership costs

Jong Metropole keeps the costs of participation in projects as low as possible and these projects are mostly free of charge. Travelling with the full orchestra during projects is also organised and paid for by Jong Metropole. Costs for coaching, concerts and accommodation (including meals) are paid by Jong Metropole for the duration of the project. JM members only need to pay for the travel costs from home to the project start location and back home again from the project end location.

We are most grateful that thanks to the contributions from various funds, we can often organise the JM projects without any costs for the participants.

Rehearsal locations and accommodation

Rehearsals for JM projects take place at a location in the Netherlands. During rehearsal periods you often also stay in an accommodation nearby. Accommodations and rehearsal locations can differ per project. You can find details at Programme & planning.

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