Frequently asked questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions from musicians who are interested in Jong Metropole and listed them below for you. If your question is not listed, please contact musicians for more information.

I would like to become principal violin/viola/cello/double bass, do I have to play an extra piece for that?

No, that is not necessary, the orchestra excerpts as listed on the website are sufficient.

I have not received a confirmation email.

We had some technical problems with the registration confirmation. All information from this confirmation can also be found on this website on the pages under Audition and musicians.

Can I record the standard with an ensemble or backing track, or should I record it alone?

It would be great if you could play the standard with a ‘music minus one’ backing track.

Should I record the orchestral excerpts with background audio, or with a metronome?

Both are fine, but if you're playing with the orchestra audio material, make sure the music is for guidance only, so pay attention to the balance. Playing with only metronome is fine too!

Some of the music consists of three different parts. Which part should I play?

Since we originally played it with three key/guitar players you can make a short reduction / compilation of the different parts and put everything together. For the audition, it is just important that we get an idea of your play.

I am looking for an audition recording of John Brown's Body, is it available?

You can find an audio recording of John Brown's Body at this Dropbox link.

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