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Jong Metropole ('Young Metropole') is a unique collaboration between the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands (NJO), the National Jazz Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands (NJJO) and the Metropole Orkest (MO) with the aim of preparing young, talented musicians from classical and light music for a professional career. Jong Metropole combines the best of different music worlds: the excellent performance from the classical tradition with the swing, improvisation and timing from the jazz tradition. The initiative is in part possible thanks to an annual contribution of €125,000 from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Keep an Eye Foundation.

Jong Metropole consists of various parts: a tour, masterclasses and two Awards. During the Jong Metropole Tour the musicians (60 participants) work in a full-sized ‘Metropole Orkest’ setting or in smaller ensembles on innovative productions and a cross-fertilisation between different musical genres arises. In addition, Jong Metropole offers to participants the opportunity to follow masterclasses and workshops from famous guest soloists and the specialists of the Metropole Orkest. Jong Metropole forms a unique addition to the current education and talent development projects available.

Two new awards have been added to the initiative: the Rogier van Otterloo Award and the Keep an Eye Outstanding Talent Award. The Rogier van Otterloo Award is an incentive prize of €5000 for the most talented young composer, arranger, conductor or orchestra leader. The Keep an Eye Outstanding Talent Award is awarded to the musician who is most prominently the binding factor within the group. The winner receives a prize of €2500 for further musical development and the opportunity to apply for a grant for a study abroad.

The art of giving
The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Keep an Eye Foundation make Jong Metropole possible thanks to a joint annual contribution of €125,000. Keep an Eye Foundation makes a contribution of €75,000 and has transferred the management of this amount to the Cultuurfonds in the Keep an Eye Fund. This safeguards the objectives of the Foundation and delegates a large amount of work. The Cultuurfonds offers a wide range of possibilities to make donations to culture, nature and science. For further information please see

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