Start sales East meets West on June 8th

24 mei 2022

With the program East meets West, Young Metropole travels through the Netherlands, led by conductor Tom Cohen. In this program the music from the western music library melts together with the music from the Arabic tradition. The new composition by Kika Sprangers will be premiered.
On Friday 5 August the conservatory students will start in Caprera in Bloemendaal. On Saturday evening, August 6, the musicians will play in the former radio station Radio Kootwijk. This place has been very popular with Jong Metropole fans for years because of its special location in the middle of the nature. On Sunday 7 August Jong Metropole will close the summer tour in the open air theater in the green oasis of the Zuiderpark.

Ticket sales for the concert in Radio Kootwijk starts on June 2 for friends of the NJO and on June 8 for everyone. The ticket sales for the others concerts starts later. Follow our socials of subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date. For more information and tickets go to the concert agenda.

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