Spring Tour becomes Autumn Tour 2021

27 januari 2021

Jong Metropole normally organises a Spring Tour and a Summer Tour. This year, however, the Spring Tour will be moved to the autumn due to the measures surrounding COVID-19.

During the Spring Tours, which usually take place in March but in 2021 will be moved to the autumn, the young students of Jong Metropole, led by varying conductors, give a number of concerts after a week of intensive rehearsals. During this tour, the most outstanding talent in the orchestra receives the Keep an Eye Outstanding Talent Award. How exactly the tour will take shape this autumn depends of course on the measures and options that will apply at that time.

Led by conductor Ansgar Striepens and with singer Michelle David as soloist, the orchestra explores the traditions and new forms of R&B, soul and funk. The programme will be announced later.

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