Kika Sprangers wins Rogier van Otterloo Award

9 augustus 2021

Saxophonist, composer and bandleader Kika Sprangers received the Rogier van Otterloo Award on Sunday, 8 August 2021 from Cathelijne Broers of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and from Freek and Hella de Jonge, who made the award possible this year. This incentive prize from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds - in memory of composer and conductor Rogier van Otterloo - consists of a composition assignment for Jong Metropole in the spirit of Rogier van Otterloo and a sum of ten thousand euros. Kika Sprangers received the award during the last concert of Jong Metropole's summer tour at Teuge air base.

Kika Sprangers

With her velvety sound, sparkling sound language and compelling compositions, Kika Sprangers (1994) is one of the most captivating musicians in the Netherlands. Kika introduces her musical story to the listener through emotional and honest playing. She finds her inspiration in great portrait photographers such as Anton Corbijn, strong character writers such as Griet Op de Beeck and cinematic artists such as the Norwegian saxophonist Mette Henriette. Kika wants to capture the hushed passion that characterizes their work in the core of her music as well. In her own words: “When listeners are touched by my music, that's the biggest compliment I can get”.

Kika Sprangers solos with Jong Metropole on 8 August 2021 in Teuge

Kika Sprangers after receiving the Rogier van Otterloo Award on 8 August 2021 in Teuge

Jong Metropole

Jong Metropole is a collaboration between the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands (NJO), the Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest (NJJO) and the Metropole Orkest (MO) and is composed of the best musicians from Dutch conservatories. Jong Metropole receives an annual contribution of 150,000 euros from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the Keep an Eye Foundation. This autumn, Jong Metropole will perform with Jong Metropole playing Snarky Puppy (September) and Higher Ground (Oct/Nov) with Michelle David as soloist.

Rogier van Otterloo Award

Each year, the Rogier van Otterloo Award encourages the most talented Dutch/living in the Netherlands young composer, arranger, conductor and/or orchestra leader to continue to develop in the area between classical music and light music. As a composer, conductor and arranger, Rogier Van Otterloo (1941-1988) left an important mark on light music in the seventies and eighties. From 1980 to 1988, Rogier van Otterloo was chief conductor of the Metropole Orkest. This 5th edition of the award is made possible by Freek and Hella de Jonge from their CultuurFonds op Naam ('Named CultuurFonds'), the Freek and Hella de Jonge Fonds, and amounts to 10,000 euros.

With the prize, Kika Sprangers takes over from Damiano Pascarelli, who wrote the piece Reunion for Jong Metropole with herself as soloist. "That may seem like a setup", says Cathelijne Broers, who announced the winner of the award, "but the prize is awarded after preselection by a jury and after the final judgment of the artistic leaders of the three organizing parties of Jong Metropole (Metropole Orkest, NJON and NJJO) and the conductor of the summer tour, this year Jochen Neuffer." Neuffer about the choice of the winner: “Kika Sprangers has a unique musical language and style”.

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