East meets West: Levant Music

26 juli 2022

On 5 and 6 August Jong Metropole will be playing a programme in which music from the Western music library merges with music from, among others, the Arabic tradition. The members of Jong Metropole, the best students from the Dutch conservatoires, will in August be directed by Tom Cohen. 

Tom Cohen

Tom Cohen is classically trained, but steeped in the music of North Africa and Arab countries. He combines Western musicians and Arabic virtuosi to create a new musical language, 'Levant Music'. 

In Jong Metropole, talents from both the classical and jazz departments from the Dutch conservatoires, come together, in the upcoming summer joined by students from the world music department of Codarts Conservatory Rotterdam on ud, tar, zurna and duduk to create a real East meets West-atmosphere. Expect an exciting mix of Eastern and Western music, combined with the energy of the jong top talent from Dutch ground, directed by the inventor of a new music language 'Levant Music'!

Kika Sprangers

In the Jong Metropole 2021 edition, saxophonist Kika Sprangers won the Rogier van Otterloo Award: an incentive price which gives a talented person the opportunity to compose or arrange a piece of music for Jong Metropole. During East meets West the new composition of Sprangers, named Lamías, will premiere.


The concerts of Jong Metropole will take place at special outdoor locations. On Friday night in a beautiful open air theater and on Saturday night in the middle of the special Veluwe landscape in a previous broadcast station in Radio Kootwijk.

Friday 5 August 20.30 h: Caprera Bloemendaal
Saturday 6 Augus 20.00 uur: Previous Broadcast Station Radio Kootwijk (part of Muziekzomer Gelderland)

For more information & tickets go to East meet West.

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