Concert Jong Metropole in Nijmegen relocated

6 augustus 2021

We had come up with it so beautifully: the entire Jong Metropole on the bank of the river Waal in Nijmegen with the river and the lovely landscape on the other side as a backdrop. Unfortunately, the Waal bank is still flooede as a result of which the concert Reunion by Jong Metropole on Saturday 7 August will take place in the Jan Massinkhal, Nieuwe Dukenburgseweg 5 in Nijmegen. Wewill of course do everything we can to create the well-known Jong Metropole vibe at this new location!

In case you have already bought a ticket for this concert, you will already have received information about this change in your mailbox (please check your spam box if that is not the case!).

Parking is free and in front of the door at the Jan Massinkhal. You will have the opportunity to buy something to drink prior to the concert. The concert starts at 8 PM and ends at 9:15 PM. 

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