Bernard van Rossum wins Rogier van Otterloo Award

7 augustus 2022

Saxophonist, composer, conductor and arranger Bernard van Rossum has been granted this year's Rogier van Otterloo Award. This incentive prize of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds - in memory of composer and conductor Rogier van Otterloo - consists of a composition assignment for Jong Metropole in the spirit of Rogier van Otterloo and a cash prize of ten thousand euros. 

Rogier van Otterloo Award

The Rogier van Otterloo Award was presented yesterday evening, Saturday, 6 August, during the "East meets West" concert by Jong Metropole in Radio Kootwijk. The award is an incentive prize for the most talented young composer/arranger/conductor and/or orchestra leader to further development in the field between classical music and light music. Rogier Van Otterloo (1941-1988) made an important mark on light music in the 1970s and 1980s as a composer, conductor and arranger. From 1980 to 1988 Rogier van Otterloo was chief conductor of the Metropole Orchestra.

The prize money of this 6th edition of the award is made possible by a donation from Freek and Hella de Jonge and amounts to 10,000 euros.

Bernard van Rossum

Musician and composer Bernard van Rossum (1980), known for his intense saxophone sound and captivating compositions, receives the Rogier van Otterloo Award for his brilliant playing and for his exceptional compositions for large ensembles.

Jury President and conductor and composer Jong Metropole Tom Cohen: "Composing is one talent, but focusing on large ensembles is another dimension and requires different skills. Bernard has added a truly new sound to the conventional Big Band repertoire with his Flamenco Big Band. He has also written for other elaborate ensembles and his solid training, his beautiful play and the experiemce he has already gained as a composer and arranger are clearly audible and deserve recognition."

Van Rossum grew up in Spain where his musical experience was shaped by Flamenco. In 2009 he moved to Amsterdam where, after studying music in Spain and the US - and a biology degree in Scotland - he continued studying at the conservatory. In his graduation project his love for flamenco and jazz came together with his talent for arranging and composing. He wrote new pieces and made arrangements for a big band line-up. With his flamenco-jazz orchestra, he won the Meerjazz International Big Band Competition in 2014 and the Keep an Eye The Records in 2015. His debut album Jaleo Holandés was launched at the 2015 Flamenco Biennale and received much praise. With his bands, van Rossum performs at home and abroad. With the composition commission for the Jong Metropole attached to the Rogier van Otterloo Award, Bernard van Rossum can delve even further into his imaginative sound spectrum.

Keep an eye Foundation X Cultuurfonds

As in previous years, Jong Metropole is supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the Keep an Eye Foundation. During the autumn tour Fast Future the Keep an Eye Outstanding Talent Award will be granted to a special talent from Jong Metropole.

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