10x Jong Metropole!

21 mei 2024

In 2024 we will be organizing activities for the Jong Metropole for the tenth time! After its founding in 2015, we have already welcomed many young talent to the Jong Metropole, where musicians from the classical and jazz worlds are brought together in a unique orchestra.

Every edition a vibrant community is formed in which young talent is given the space to expand their artistic field. The mix of classical music and jazz creates a special dynamic and young musicians are challenged by this mix to refine their skills.

During our summer and winter tours we travel through the country and play in places such as Het Concertgebouw and Caprera Bloemendaal, but we can also be found in halls such as the Konzerthaus in Berlin and the Philharmonie Essen. From concert halls to vibrant festivals, Jong Metropole throws a party everywhere!

We look back with pride on the past tours, have seen countless young musicians grow and blossom and look forward to future generations of musicians! On to the next editions of Jong Metropole!

Jong Metropole is a collaboration between the National Youth Orchestras of the Netherlands (NJON), the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NJJO) and the Metropole Orchestra (MO) and is composed of the best musicians from the Dutch conservatories. The existence of Jong Metropole is made possible by financial support from the Keep an Eye Foundation and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

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